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Our factory

The best place to taste our beers is at our FACTORY. A space to visit with your couple and friends in order to relish our creations, along with delicious food dishes and enjoy an unforgettable evening. An experience you can only live at TACOA.
The menu of the FACTORY composes of an offer of homemade foods, fusing the best of the German and Canarian cuisine, always elaborated with high quality ingredients. An exotic variety, prepared and served with our personal touch, which you can especially appreciate in our delicious salads, the typical strudel, dressed with vanilla sauce, or the roasted knuckle. Now you can also discover our tasty tapas, which make an excellent pair with our brews. A unique environment, immersed in our FACTORY, where you can appreciate the delicate process through which we brew our beers. Altogether, at the time you enjoy one of our common varieties, always manufactured in an artisan manner, as well as the new recipes we will develop, continuing the search for the perfect flavour, both in our beers and meals.