Every year the biggest German popular party takes place in Munich: The Oktoberfest. Typical clothing, lots of beer and food… these are more than enough words to describe this famous festival, but we want to tell you more about it.
We go back to October of the year 1810. Louis I of Bavaria and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen celebrate their union in marriage with a party that went on for five days. The entire population of the city was invited to participate in this party held at the Theresienwiesen field (Named like this in honour of the bride).
That is how the Oktoberfest started, it was celebrated year after year until it became a tradition.
It is the German most famous popular party, with an average of six million visitors every year. It happens during 16 to 18 days and it usually starts on the first Saturday after September the 15th.
Why is it called Oktoberfest if it takes place during September? The answer is very simple: to make the most of the good weather that the month of September offers.
The first day is dedicated basically to inaugurate the event. It commences with a striking parade of the Wirte (owners of the main breweries) and continues with the mayor, who kick-starts the party by opening a beer barrel in one of the most important tents: Schottenhammel.
As from this moment the festival starts packed with beer manufactured in an artisan manner and typical German food. There is also room for wine and champagne.
As an interesting fact, we let you know that only beers which abide the purity law from 1516 can be sold, it establishes that the beer can only be made using three ingredients: water, barley and hop. Moreover, in the case of the Oktoberfest, the beer must be manufactured in Munich and contain at least 13.5% of Stammwürze (approx. 15% alcohol).
Are you up for attending the next Oktoberfest?

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