The main characteristic of Craft Beer is the infinity of flavours it offers us. This is because we can use different techniques and ingredients, which allow us to experiment until we create the flavour we have in mind.
The first thing we should take into account are the four basic ingredients which you can’t miss: water, yeast malt and hop. We are going to focus here on the last two, since they have a very important role in the flavour, colour and texture of the beer.
The malt.
It’s the result of malting barley in order to extract the sugar from it so it can then be dissolved in water. After this you have to toast the malt. There are many ways of doing this, and depending on how you do it the malt will be more or less toasted giving the beer a distinctive taste. The malt contributes to the colour of the beer, to its flavour and the sensation it leaves in the palate. It also alters its sweetness and, depending on the cereal we use it will make it darker and heavier. Our Porter beer is known by the bitterness provided by the English hops and the toasted malt, which counteract the sweetness from the palm honey.
The yeast.
It’s a plant which is basically used to counteract the sweet from the malt. In other words: It gives the beer its bitterness. Its flavour will depend on where the plant is grown, but, on a general basis, has usually a fruity, citric or floral taste. A clear example is our IPA (India Pale Ale) beer, strong in hops with a floral and citric aroma. With a medium bitterness and perfectly balanced due to the sweetness of the malt.

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