The tasting allows us to capture through our different senses the organoleptic properties of the beer.
It enables us to distinguish the different types and appreciate the most characteristic features of each of them.
With time, we will also learn how to correctly evaluate a beer.

In order to do this we need to learn some concepts.

COLOUR: There is a wide range of colours, from white to black going through reddish and caramel tones. In order to correctly appreciate the beer’s colour place it facing the light.
TONE: Depending on how it’s filtered it will be more or less shinny.
FOAM: We should observe the density of it, if it’s fine or creamy, its persistence in the glass and colour overtones.
VIVACITY: This is the way in which the gas previously diluted in it is given off. At Tacoa, we don’t use injected gas.
AROMA: Capturing the aroma takes time and should be done in the correct way. What we try to determine is the intensity of it, as well as fermentation and its evolution in time.
TASTE IN MOUTH: By means of sips we can relish the beer trying to identify flavours. We should learn to taste the beer in the different areas of the tongue and therefore capture the different gustatory notes.
STRENGTH: Also in the mouth we can appreciate the texture of the beer, detecting if it’s foamy, light, compact, etc., That’s how the alcohol graduation or appreciating the residual sugar left behind in your mouth and how its taste is endured.

The sum of all these factors will determine the tasting, in which will also evaluate the balance, and the balance which exists between all of them.

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